2021 Year In Review

2021-in-reviewThis year welcomed an opportunity for growth, quick reactions to change and even better communication. The team at White Label Dating have worked tirelessly to continue supporting partners to offer the best user experience possible to members, and in turn receive the best possible ROI from their campaigns.

Here’s a little more info on what you’ll find in our 2021 Year in Review…

New Niches

New niches, including PremiumKink and Christian are just a snippet of many additions to the platform in 2021. Our niches allow partners to expand their dating portfolios with little additional cost.  Partners are able to further monetise the members on their dating sites through effective on-site and email cross-sell campaigns to these new exciting niches.

White Label Dating now offers an extensive list of niches for both mainstream and casual traffic sources. Check them out below:

Video 1: An overview of our Premium dating niche, for ambitious, accomplished singles 

Product Releases

We’re super proud of the high-quality product updates that have been launched across the White Label Dating platform throughout 2021. The team have done an outstanding job at executing these projects and the results for our partners have been incredible.

With a huge focus on Voice and Video Calling early in the year to support users that were locked down due to Covid-19, our partners were able to continue to support society through a difficult time, despite them not being able to meet in person. Following the launch of this exciting feature back in February, the platform boasted a +42% increase in mainstream subscribers and a huge +59% in casual subscribers.

Video 2: Voice and Video Calling launched across White Label Dating in Q1 of 2021

From here, we moved our project focus towards user-generated content through the use of video profiles and video stories. From the minute they launched, it was clear video content across the platform had a significant impact on platform engagement, which in turn boosted upgrade rates and revenue per user. In just one month, the platform announced we had hit 1 million story views! Incredible!

Video-stories-1Image 1: Video stories are short video clips of members that expire after 24 hours

More recently, White Label Dating launched its very own live streaming service – SmoochLIVE. We’re excited to see how this brand new feature unfolds as we progress into 2022. As well as a brand new communication channel, SmoochLIVE offers dating games, stream incentives, gift sending and SO much more!

Site and Platform Enhancements

Not only did we launch a considerable number of brand new features, this year we also enhanced our member signup process and improved the user experience (UX) for members across all networks.

In May, we introduced a brand new registration form that transformed click to registration rates. Upon implementation of the new GDPR compliant form, our partners generated +20% more registrations from the same levels of traffic.

Video 3: Features of our GDPR compliant modular registration form

Alongside the changes to our sign up form, some mobile UX changes in September caused a massive +95% increase in profile submissions and up to +118% across the majority of our key, subscription-driving engagement metrics.

New Partnerships

In  August, a partnership with Fonix allowed us to facilitate carrier billing across the platform. Carrier billing gives members the opportunity to seamlessly add their dating subscriptions straight to their mobile phone bill. Since adding this new, popular payment option, our partners have seen a +28% increase in new same-day subscribers.

Image 2: Carrier billing can be utilised on both mobile and desktop devices

We also integrated RealMe background verification across the White Label Dating platform in November to ensure that we’re doing everything we can to keep members safe online. This partnership ensures members are able to get instant access to important reputation details of potential matches, so they can put their trust in our partners’ dating sites and stick around for longer.

2021 also saw us shake hands (virtually, of course) with two large media partners – Boom Radio and Brilliant Radio. These partnerships are a huge benefit to all of our partners, as they do not present competition due to the nature of the traffic sources, but they do bring a wealth of high quality members to the database for the members on our partners’ sites to engage with. This boost in engagement increases upgrade rates and in turn ROI for all. 


In October, we were extremely excited to announce that Venntro (the company behind White Label Dating) acquired – the dating app for busy professionals. The Intro focusses on giving users dates, not swipes. When users match with someone on The Intro, they can be on a video date within hours or days – unlike other dating apps which often focus on swipes, messages and ghosting.

Video 4: The Intro – The dating app for busy professionals

The Intro offers users a high quality mobile experience – and this is exactly the kind of polished product we will be offering our partners through It has dozens of 5-star reviews in the app stores and thousands of loyal, high-value single professionals who will become part of our premium niche.

The Numbers

The successful projects that came out of 2021 meant that the numbers and metrics that followed were also pretty impressive – if we do say so ourselves!

In the USA, we saw annualised growth of 2798%The demand for our partners’ dating sites is still continuing to rise, through vaccination awareness relating to the global pandemic (over 58% of the USA’s population is now fully vaccinated) and the use of enhanced online dating site features.

But this isn’t just the case in the USA. Since March, we’ve seen a 30% increase in demand platform-wide and our highest upgrade rate in a decade! 

Image 3: Non-scammer, verified members that upgrade on the same day that they join a dating site on the WLD platform

125% Revenue Share 

But what has this performance meant for our partners? Well, it means more revenue, of course!

When we launched our niches earlier this year, we very generously offered our partners 100% net revenue share to support their expansion into the new niches. But this September, we went one step further... 

To celebrate the platforms incredible performance, we offered (and are STILL offering) our partners the opportunity to earn 125% revenue share on all new subscription revenues for the rest of 2021 and beyond, as part of our Supercharge Bonus Payout Scheme. This even includes revenue generated from the influx of free, organic traffic our partners benefit from each year as we enter into online dating’s peak season!

If you are yet to take advantage of this generous offer, please reach out to us here.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our partners a very merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous New Year.

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