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Monetise your traffic with cross-selling

20th September 2019

Cross-selling (also known as cross-registration) allows you to monetise your existing non-converting traffic by offering basic members an alternative and more tailored site within your portfolio.  There are several ways that you can utilise cross-selling to monetise your existing traffic…

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How to outsmart Google

17th September 2019 are actively working with Partners to overcome the difficulties of getting ads approved and finally being able to outsmart Google. Ad classification has been a hot topic for digital marketers advertising on Google for a long time, particularly for…

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Catapult through the tiers with 100% net rev share

16th September 2019 offer Partners 100% net revenue share on all brand new and reactivated sites. Earlier this year, White Label Dating offered Partners 100% net revenue share on all new sites being set live or any previously closed sites being reactivated…

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We’re ready for 3D Secure 2

10th September 2019

3D Secure 2 (3DS2) is an authentication protocol designed to reduce fraud, increase customer security and reduce merchant liability to chargebacks. The new protocol is being launched on 16th September 2019. What fraud protection measures do we currently have? Unlike other…

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