Build your own business with White Label Dating

White Label Dating has everything you need to enjoy the lifestyle of your choosing. Generate short-term and long-term, recurring revenues by driving traffic to your very own online dating sites.

We offer an easy-to-manage revenue stream with an excellent ROI. We’ve been going since 2003 and have paid over $390 million to our partners since then.

The recurring income you see is only limited by your ambition

White Label Dating provides all the tools you need to generate short and long-term revenues by simply driving traffic to your own online dating sites. We provide a world-class dating platform plus all the infrastructure needed to support it.

It's quick and easy to get started with no set-up costs

Use our WLD Design Tool to create high converting landing pages to send your traffic to. Our WLD Design Tool offers free out of the box dating templates as well as free hosting and SSL.

Prefer to design and create your own landing page? That's fine too. We'll provide all the code you need to ensure your site is fully GDPR compliant and fit for purpose.

WLD Design tool

Earn a generous revenue share each time a user upgrades

You'll earn money every time a member upgrades to a paid subscription on your dating site, plus every time their dating subscription rebills as part of our repeat billing model.

There are no set up costs or hidden fees. We operate a fair revenue sharing model meaning we only make money when you do - so it's in our best interest to help you grow your dating business.

Keep up to date with your metrics on-the-go

We understand that it’s important to know how your traffic is behaving in real-time. We offer instant access to all the reports you’ll need to analyse and report on your traffic’s behaviour.

We'll support you with a detailed report to track and demonstrate spend versus ROI to ensure you're spending money on the campaigns and sites that will make you the most money.

Bespoke Reports

We pay our partners every 2 weeks

We offer a full range of payment solutions across multiple international currencies. We pay our partners every two weeks so you'll always have money to reinvest.

Our relationships with a number of Tier 1, 2 and 3 processors maximizes the chance of revenue collection. It ensures that risk is balanced and that acceptance rates are high.

Payment Management