Advanced Reporting and Analytics to shape your growth strategy

We work with a number of tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 processors to ensure acceptance rate is as high as it can be, as well as to balance risk. Having an authentic, below 1% chargeback rate makes it possible for us to work with top tier processors.

Campaign Analytics

Key metrics reporting

Keep track of your registrations, upgrades, conversion rates, revenues and more! Our Key Metrics reporting within the Partner Portal will give you real-time metrics to ensure you’re on top of your portfolio’s performance every hour of the day.

Campaign tracking

Use our comprehensive campaign tracking tool to track all of your campaigns in one place. This real-time reporting tool will allow you to track source, campaign and even search term to help campaign optimisation.

Conversion reports

Keep on top of your conversion rates each day to determine accurate ROI’s from your dating sites traffic. Our conversion reports will give you daily signup upgrade counts and rates as each day passes so you can accurately monitor your traffic’s behaviour.

Verification reports

Verification is a key metric for your online dating business as it means we can actively engage with site members and provide them with content to prompt upgrades and on-site activity. Keep on top of your dating traffic quality using this detailed report.

Traffic demographic analysis

Use our demographic reports – age, gender and location to name a few – to determine an accurate ROI for each of your sites. These reports teamed with the campaign tracking report will propel your optimisation efforts and boost your revenues.

Planning & Forecasting

Rebill revenue forecasting

Be confident as you acquire traffic with support from our comprehensive rebill revenue forecast. We’ll forecast and track rebill revenues at a portfolio and site level, as well as provide a daily run down of forecast revenues.

Spend vs ROI forecasting

We’ll support you with a detailed report to track and demonstrate spend versus return on investment. This bespoke report can be run at a portfolio and site level to guide your efforts and ensure you’re spending money on the campaigns and sites that will make you the most money.

Life time value reports

Lifetime value is a cumulative measurement of revenues attributed to members from a set period in time. As your site’s members mature on the White Label Dating platform we’ll demonstrate which sites, sources and campaigns are of most value to you. This will ensure you’re spending your money in the most profitable way.

Bespoke Reports

Full portfolio analysis

Take advantage of a full portfolio review from our Financial Analyst. We’ll provide a detailed forecast, often by site, network and territory, with the aim of outlining what is required to reach your business growth goals.

Portfolio troubleshooting

If you’re ever having trouble identifying problem areas within your portfolio, we’re on hand to run a full portfolio health-check. We’ll identify the issues and provide a solution. Our Financial Analyst teamed with your dedicated Account Manager will get you back to growth.

Refund analysis

Refunds are a part of any online business, but when sites on the White Label Dating platform get them we’re keen to understand why. Our detailed refund report highlights the type of refunds and reasoning behind them so we can understand how your traffic sources are behaving and better guide your campaign optimisations.

Organic traffic analysis

We’ll provide a general overview of a domains organic online visibility to create a full picture of your website’s online presence. This includes an overview of your site’s overall search engine presence, estimated organic and paid traffic and number of backlinks, as well as analysis of a website’s top keywords, recent position changes and more.