Industry-leading Dating Software and Technology

We thrive to promote industry-leading technology. We take care of all hosting and infrastructure, working tirelessly to keep partners’ sites online and safe 24/7.

Rest assured our team are working behind the scenes to offer a seamless dating experience to all users, allowing you to keep your focus on what you do best – promoting your sites.

Technology & Infrastructure

Heavy platform investement

We invest heavily in our platform to ensure your sites are kept online and safe 24/7. You can rest assured that end users receive a seamless dating experience meaning you can focus on what you do best – promoting your sites.

Cutting-edge technology

Our team work tirelessly on researching and developing new site features to boost conversion rates and revenue. With regular on-site platform updates to keep your sites members engaged you can be confident your traffic has the best opportunity to convert on-site.

Member migration

We understand that if you’re moving from another dating platform that you don’t want to waste your previous acquisition efforts and associated rebills. We offer a fully supported migration process to bring across your members to your White Label Dating sites.

External tracking compatibility

The WLD platform has strong compatibility with a number of tracking platforms, meaning you can use your own tracking pixels to track the performance of your dating site and optimise the best you can.

Website Creation & Hosting

Free landing pages

Utilise our free Design Tool and gain access to a large number of fully responsive, tried and tested, dating templates. With a simple click and upload functionality you don’t need to be a html-hotshot to launch a highly converting dating site.

Free SSL certificates

When you launch your dating sites on the WLD Design Tool, we cover the costs of all SSL certificates. It is important that all sites are secure (https://) as it provides a secure experience for users, resulting in stronger conversion rates and ultimately more revenue in your pocket.

Free website hosting

Our free WLD Design Tool offers full website hosting for an unlimited number of your dating sites. Simply update your websites DNS settings to point to the tool and you’ll no longer have to worry about hosting costs. Our team work tirelessly to keep websites online 24/7.