Increased Member Satisfaction and a Profitable ROI with our Christian Niche

Our Christian niche encompasses a broad view of Christianity. It provides all members that have faith in their lives an enriched environment to find long-lasting friendships and committed relationships with like-minded Christians.

This niche provides a safe and secure online community which helps users that have a relationship with God find meaningful, lifelong connections with members that share their beliefs. This dating and networking experience converts and retains users for long periods to ensure our partners generate the highest ROI possible from satisfied members.

Opportunities for Partners

Exclusive Niche, Less Competition

Our Christian niche acts as a hub for the Christian community offering a range of features that ensure members spend more time on site investing in their dating profiles.

Mainstream and broad casual dating sites don't necessarily cater to anything outside the "norm". The kink niche is largely untargeted.

Enriched Dating Service, Higher Prices

Designed around the specific needs of the Christian community, this niche allows partners to charge higher subscription fees than a standard dating service.

Members of our Christian niche are prepared to pay a higher price for a higher quality service which specifically meets their needs. They also stick around for longer and therefore pay for a longer period of time.

High Verification Rates, More Revenues

Sites running on our Christian dating niche attract members that have a higher propensity to verify their email addresses after they have signed up to a dating site. 

This means our Customer Engagement team is able to contact more members after they have signed up, with engaging, themed content to increase on-site activity, which is positively correlated with upgrades.

Risk Diversification, Acquisition Security

Christian online dating is a widespread, socially accepted market. Our partners can be confident in their long-term growth and celebrate sustainable traffic and revenues.

Partners running sites on our Christian niche do not need to worry about being vulnerable to issues such as Google PPC ad classification, which is commonly associated with running casual dating brands.

More Christian Dating Niche Features

The Christian dating niche offers a range of on-site and email-based features to maximise a site’s performance.

Optimized Member Profiles

Optimised member profiles offering niche specific lifestyle information such as denominations, intensity of faith, church attendance and much more.

100% Genuine Members

100% real members supported by a comprehensive anti-fraud and anti-scam strategy so that members are only exposed to genuine singles.

Dedicated customer care

Dedicated Customer Care team trained to support our Christian dating site users and maximise member propensity to upgrade.

On sight & Email Engagemnet Campaigns

Branded campaigns built to convert and retain members, as well as reinforce site brand positioning and increase monetisation opportunities for partners.

Enhanced search tools with saved services

Comprehensive search functionality allowing members to effectively refine search results to view compatible singles, plus the ability to save searches.

24 hours Profile Content Moderation

24 hour profile content moderation to ensure members have the best possible user experience using your dating site, whether day or night.