Diversify Your Dating Portfolio with our Kink Lifestyle Niche

This niche provides a safe, private and secure online environment for open-minded adults of all ages, who are seeking consensual, non-traditional sexual, sensual and intimate relationships with like-minded individuals.

This niche caters to a wide range of non-traditional sexual interests including S&M, domination and submission, erotic roleplaying, fetishism, bondage and erotic forms of discipline.

With an increase in dating services catering to kink lifestyles world-wide in recent years, we introduced the kink dating niche in 2020 as a competitive solution to allow partners that are currently operating on our casual dating niche the opportunity to expand their dating portfolios into this high-converting niche market.

Opportunities for Partners

More Engagement, Greater Retention

Our exclusive kink niche encompasses a range of non-traditional sensual targeting interests so that partners can acquire traffic with less competition.

The lifestyle nature of our Christian niche means that our partners benefit from increased member engagement, which results in higher upgrade rates and lower cancellation rates. Both of which are positively correlated with revenue.

High Engagement, High Retention

This lifestyle niche acts as a hub for the kink community and offers a range of features that ensure members spend more time on site investing in their dating profiles.

This results in greater engagement and on-site activity which leads to higher upgrade rates and lower termination rates for partners.

Expansion Into a Growing Market

Running sites on our kink dating niche is an effective way for our partners to grow the size of their dating revenues, across a significantly large niche portfolio.

The demand for kink themed dating sites is continuing to grow as society is becoming much more 'sex-positive'.

Greater Revenue Per Member

Partners are able to further monetise members through effective on-site and email cross-sell campaigns to and from dating sites on our kink niche.

Partners can cross-sell for no additional cost to them to increase total revenue per member and ROI.

More Kink Niche Features

Our kink lifestyle dating niche offers a range of on-site and email-based features to maximise the performance of all sites built on this niche.

100% Genuine Members

100% real members supported by comprehensive anti-fraud and anti-scam strategies to ensure that members are safe.

Optimized Member Profiles

Optimised member profiles that offer a diverse range of non-traditional sexual and sensual interests for consenting adults of all ages.

Dedicated customer care

24 hour profile content moderation to ensure that members have the best possible user experience at all times, whether day or night.

Ability to Save Multiple Search Criteria

Ability to save multiple search criteria allowing members to switch between interests and roles with ease when they return to site.

On sight & Email Engagemnet Campaigns

Themed campaigns built to convert and retain members and massively increase monetisation opportunities for our partners.

Profiles with Personal Diary Entries

Personal diary entries linked to profiles to increase engagement as members promote their intimate stories and desires.