Charge Higher Subscription Prices with our Premium Dating Niche

This niche provides a secure online community which helps ambitious, accomplished individuals meet like-minded singles.

Creating power couples, our Premium niche provides an empowering dating and networking experience that cultivates serious relationships for self-aware singles who value intelligence and success in a prospering relationship.

Our Premium niche qualifies its members using financial income and occupation to ensure the niche remains enriched with high-quality singles.

Opportunities for Partners

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    Higher Prices, More Revenue

    This niche provides a unique, tailored online dating service that qualifies its users based on their occupation and financial income.

    To find a higher-quality match, users are prepared to pay a higher price as part of this high quality service. This allows partners to charge higher subscription fees than a standard dating service.

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    High Verification, More Revenue

    Sites running on our premium niche attract members that have a higher propensity to verify their email addresses after signing up to a dating site.

    This means our Customer Engagement team is able to contact more members after they have signed up with engaging, themed content to increase on-site activity, which is positively correlated with upgrades.

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    Greater Total Revenue Per Member

    As well as direct mainstream niche monetisation, partners are able to easily expand their brands and further monetise members through extensive cross-sell campaigns.

    Partners running dating sites on our mainstream niche are able to easily further monetise members through extensive cross-sell opportunities into the premium niche using built in occupation and income targeting, for no additional cost.

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    Risk Diversification, Acquisition Security

    Mainstream online dating is a widespread, socially accepted market. Our partners can be confident in their long-term growth and celebrate sustainable traffic and revenues.

    Partners running sites on our premium niche do not need to worry about being vulnerable to issues such as Google PPC ad classification, which is commonly associated with running casual dating brands.

More Premium Dating Niche Features

The premium dating niche offers a range of on-site and email-based features to maximise the performance of sites built on this niche.

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    Optimised Member Profiles

    Optimised member profiles offering qualifying niche specific lifestyle information, such as financial income and occupation.

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    100% Genuine Members

    100% real, qualified members supported by a comprehensive anti-fraud and anti-scam strategy.

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    Voice and Video Calling

    On-site voice and video calling to ensure members are able to date efficiently, safely and successfully from home.

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    On-site and Email Engagement Campaigns

    Branded campaigns built to convert and retain members, as well as increase monetisation opportunities for partners.

  • Prem-e

    Comprehensive Profile Q&A

    Comprehensive optional Q&A in member profiles to help users easily provide information to meet their ideal high-quality match.

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    24 Hour Profile Content Moderation

    24 hour profile content moderation to ensure members have the best possible user experience using your dating site, whether day or night.

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