Generate High Returns for a Low Cost with our Casual Dating Niche

This niche provides a safe, private and secure online environment for users of all ages, who are seeking informal or short-term physical and emotional relationships with like-minded singles.

Our long-standing casual niche was established in 2003 and continues to support our partners to generate a high ROI from their dating portfolios, by connecting like-minded singles with a range of casual interests. This niche offers high upgrade rates, as well as double monetisation opportunities for our partners when paired with our other niches.

Opportunities for Partners

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    High Engagement, More Upgrades

    The casual dating niche has hundreds of thousands of new active, highly engaged members entering the database each month.

    A number of on-site features, such as Encounters and diary entries, ensure that engagement is high. This increases upgrades and lowers termination rate.

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    Greater Revenue Per Member

    Partners running dating sites on our casual niche are able to further monetise members through effective on-site and email cross-sell campaigns.

    These encourage members to explore another site within a partners' portfolio for no additional cost to our partners. A casual dating site is a high converting source to cross-sell mainstream niche traffic to.

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    Low Acquisition Costs, High Returns

    Partners are able to drive traffic to casual dating sites with a fairly modest budget as casual dating traffic is often cheaper to acquire.  

    Partners can eliminate high costs that are sometimes associated with paid search. As well as optimised PPC campaigns, other profitable sources for this niche include SMS and the use of ad networks.

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    Operate in Lucrative Tier 1 Geos

    Over 85% of the countries we power are Tier 1 locations. This means that they are the most competitive countries for our partners to generate a sizeable ROI.

    What these places all have in common is that they are lucrative and people tend to spend money online. For marketers this is important and it is why they try to target these places as much as possible.

More Casual Dating Niche Features

The casual dating niche offers a range of on-site and email-based features to maximise the performance of all sites built on this niche.

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    100% Genuine Members

    100% real members supported by a comprehensive anti-fraud and anti-scam strategy so users are only exposed to genuine people with similar desires.

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    Optimised Member Profiles

    Optimised member profiles offering a diverse range of sensual interests for consenting adults. Plus the ability to search via interests and save searches.

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    Swipe Game Feature and Diaries

    On-site ‘Encounters’ swipe feature to mirror competing dating apps plus personal diary entries linked to member profiles to increase on-site engagement.

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    24-hour Profile Content Moderation

    24 hour profile content moderation to ensure that members have the best possible user experience at all times, whether day or night.

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    Discreet UK-based Customer Care

    Discreet UK-based Customer Care trained to support the needs of our users. All sites are SSL secure to protect and secure members’ sensitive information.

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    On-site and Email Engagement Campaigns

    Branded campaigns built to convert and retain members, as well as reinforce site brand positioning and increase monetisation opportunities for partners.

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