Generate Higher Lifetime Returns with our Over 50s Lifestyle Niche

This niche provides a truly unique dating experience for users over 50 years old who are looking for a safe, secure online environment which is designed around the specific needs of those with more life experience.

This brand new niche is the result of extensive market research and provides members with a first-class, enriched user experience which will convert and retain users for longer periods, to ensure our partners generate the highest ROI possible from their dating portfolios.

Opportunities for Partners

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    Higher Prices, More Revenue

    The unique, tailored online dating service designed around the specific needs of the over 50s audience allows our partners to charge higher subscriptions fees than a standard dating service.

    Users over 50 generally have a higher disposable income and are prepared to pay a higher price for a higher quality service and pay for a longer period of time.

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    More Engagement, Greater Retention

    This niche offers optimised member profiles with interests tailored to those over 50, such as golf, wine tasting and yoga. Plus, free-text and pre-populated question and answer features.

    As members spend more time on-site investing in their dating profiles, engagement is greater, leading to higher upgrade rates and lower cancellation rates.

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    Greater Revenue Per Member

    Members can be monetised across multiple niches to increase revenue per registration, as members are offered a separate product with different members and features.

    As partners diversify their portfolios and acquisition strategies they have the opportunity to cross-sell traffic from one niche to another via comprehensive on-site cross-sell campaigns.

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    Stable Revenues and Risk Diversification

    The over 50s dating market is stable and growing. Sites operating on this niche will be less vulnerable to paid search ad classification issues, such as those that may arise from Google PPC.

    Partners running sites on our over 50s niche can be confident that their ads will appear for all appropriate searches in search engines, without classification issues limiting search volumes.

More Over 50s Lifestyle Niche Features

The over 50s niche offers a range of on-site and email-based features to maximise the performance of sites built on this niche.

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    Optimised Member Profiles and Tailored Interests

    Optimised member profiles offering interests such as bowls, cricket, golf, meditation, restaurants, wine tasting, yoga and many more.

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    New and Improved Member Search Functionality

    New and improved member search features to help over 50s niche users find exactly what they’re looking for on the site with ease.

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    Dedicated Over 50s CRM and Email Campaigns

    Dedicated over 50s CRM and email campaigns, targeted to the age settings of the site, to drive user engagement and boost upgrades.

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    On-site Blogs and Media

    Our over 50s niche offers a variety of on-site blogs and other media specifically designed to meet the needs of the over 50s market.

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    Site-specific CRM and Emails

    Optional site-specific CRM, email campaigns and content to reinforce site brand positioning and increase user engagement.

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    UK-based Customer Care

    UK-based customer support trained to support the unique needs of our users within this niche via on-site help content, email or over the phone.

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