Marketing over Christmas


As we fast approach Christmas, the desire to meet a companion is higher than ever – you guys need to be making the most of this surge in hopeful romantics! During the holiday season there is a dramatic increase of online activity (as previously mentioned in recent posts on this blog). More users are online looking for the perfect gifts; so ensure you optimise your marketing to cater for this surge.

Many people have a misconception that the dating industry takes a downturn in December yet this is not the case. With more users at the laptop it is easy to see why December can be one of the strongest months for online dating.

The key is to include seasonality in your campaigns; whether that’s festive targeted keywords within your chosen search engine or creatives on your banners for an advertising network. This relevant marketing will help entice the seasonally spirited singles as well as your usual target audience.

Also, consider implementing Google re-targeting to ensure you do not lose potential members should they continue to complete their Christmas list. Contact your Partner Manager for more details on this.

Finally, if you can increase your budget, we would recommend you to do this. A full day with the family is enough to encourage anyone to look online for the perfect partner!

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas,

Kaleigh Scott
Partner Manager @

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