Great Things A Brewin’

A trip to the office kitchen is more than a welcome leg-stretch on Friday mornings. Seeing fellow colleagues assemble their custom platters of pastry delights over friendly chit-chat is an example of how one simple feature can boost the day. Everyone enjoys free food. Free food makes people happy. Fact!

But how exactly do said treats get from ‘A-to-Belly’? As much as the event has wedged itself into our weekly routine, the backstage operations that make up these ‘Breakfast Fridays’ remain a mystery to most- sprouting questions like, “Who was involved in keeping me fed today?”, or “Why were apricot danishes chosen over raisin scrolls?”.

Oddly enough, it’s easy to apply this tasty analogy to our platform. As someone out there takes our week’s end culinary session into careful consideration, the globaldev team are in turn working hard to develop and enhance our members’ online experience.

On her coffee break, for example, Patricia from Surrey will open a reply from the Ice Breaker message she sent out the night before: Todd- a 32 year old living just 5 miles away, also looking for Friendship. Charmed by the cheesy banter in his Video Profile, she’ll send Todd a quick Wink. Soon after she’ll spot a Similar Member below his profile with a mutual interest in Jazz Music and promptly add him as a Favourite. Finally, a little overwhelmed at the number of responses she’d have received overnight, she’ll tweak her Inbox Filters to display members within Surrey only.

The natural flow of her actions would render Patricia unlikely to stop and consider the origins of these everyday tools let alone the multitude of features available to her- and very successfully so. As she and others go about their search, the globaldev team carry on with their jobs- maintaining the current menu, researching new and exciting recipes, baking it all up, taste-testing and delivering the goods; leaving members to focus on the important stuff: finding that perfect match.

In the last few months, you may have noticed some big additions pop out of the ‘kitchen’. To name just a few:

– Bolt-ons are now available on all Premium sites enabling useful membership extensions like highlighting your profile in search results

– Featured Member boxes are now available on all Premium sites across most networks

Not to mention some very significant, hidden ingredient boosts:

– Ice Breaker Process Tuning – The complex system that processes Ice Breakers (handling thousands of recipients per email) was re-factored to effectively enhance delivery times

– Blocking Repeat Cards – Higher security measures were put in place to further deter scammers from the system

We are currently working on some of the most exciting projects we’ve seen steaming on the hob, which we can’t wait to serve up. Just in time for a decadent Christmas feast!

Kris, ColdFusion Developer @ globaldev.

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