Monetisation made easy: How to cross-sell

Right now, cross-sell dominates my day. Many of my partners now look at this as a priority because it’s a revenue boosting strategy that requires minimal input from you.   

We’ve spoken about cross-sell many times before on the blog, however, at we understand that it can be quite a daunting task to get started. You need to work through your portfolio, determine which brand can be advertised where, what to prioritise first and what you need to do to maximise this opportunity.

That’s why I created the ‘cross-sell matrix’ for my partners. It’s a simple spreadsheet that details each site within a given portfolio (with a new tab for each country), the memberships per site (to help you prioritise) and a grid like format allowing you to determine which site can be advertised where.

Below is a fictional example of the matrix for a UK portfolio. Listed are the sites that are live, the number of basic members each site has and then two overarching sections – site footer cross-sell and email footer cross-sell. Within these sections, there are two banners that can be shown at any one time.

Cross-sell matrix

The dimensions for site footer banners are 460 pixels in width by between 120-150 pixels in height. This will allow space for two separate banners to sit side-by-side at the bottom of a site. For email footers, banner dimensions need to be 360 pixels in width by 120-150 pixels in height.

Site footer displaying mature and casual cross sell

Email footer displaying mature and casual cross-sell

If you have enough niche sites set-up, all you need to do is implement a cross-sell strategy (which the partner team can help with) and create the cross-sell banners as detailed above.

The partner team will then execute the strategy for you and put the banners live across your sites.

When you begin to develop a cross-sell strategy, you may discover that you need to launch new niche sites to help you expand and monetise your brand. You can then advertise these sites exclusively via cross-sell. Remember that you will need to create a new CNAME for each niche site i.e., You will then need to create each one as a new site in the Partner Portal. When these niche sites are live, inform the partner team and send them the cross-sell banners and your cross-sell matrix. You’re then ready to increase revenues and further monetise your online dating business.

All cross-sell strategies should be closely tracked using the Partner Portal, which will be begin when the partner team upload the banners for your site. This will allow you to determine which banners are performing well, which sites perform best and where, and in what position. This will allow you to continuously optimise your cross-sell strategy so that you can achieve the best possible ROI.

By implementing a cross-sell strategy, you will monetise non-converted members; as a result, cost-per-lead (CPL) will be lower and you will boost site returns.

If you’d like any more information or advice about cross-selling within your dating business, please contact Partner Support or your Partner Manager today.

Lauren Barnes,

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