WLD Make £670 for Cancer Research UK

The office took part in the Halloween sprit today and had an office dress up! Amongst the 54 staff that dressed up we had a giant rabbit, a corpse bride, the grim reaper and many more scary looking faces!

With thanks to:

Ross Williams, Laura Skou, Jacob Rivard, Mel Kirk, Francesca Heath, Amy McMillan, Andy Gosling, Chloe Benn, Frank Dethridge, Rachel Hannan, Matt Harman, Grant Bunyan, Jon Tarbuck, Taryn East, Keith McDonnell, Jen Woof, Nick Wood, Ian Winter, Marie Fiander, Sophie Andrews, Sarah Iles, Charlie Fabian, Jamie Salmon,  Lauren Smith, Shaunna Woodley, Ryan Pitcher, Antony Moran, Tasha Straw, Stacey Pragnell, Amy Butler, Chris Georghiou, Lesley Hearn, Clare Humphreys, Gurdeep Daffu, Nicole Michael, Charley Dunlop, Cara Bunce, Alexandra Osbourne, Jenna Keating, Emma Newman, Lucy Kappellides, Kate Hyder, Jess Dimsdale, Amy Loudon, Mia Allen, Ali Northway, Gary Taylor, Lauren Barnes, Melissa Thompson, Hannah Mace, Laura Cowell, Emily Hills, Kaleigh Scott, Scott Collins and with some extra donations collected around the office……..

We made a total of £670 for Cancer Research UK!!

Well done White Label Dating crew!! 🙂

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