Who’s Near Me: Map Search Goes Live

We are pleased to announce that our new map search tool,‘Who’s Near Me’, is now live across all UK General, Adult and Mature networks. Read on to find out more…


Inline are pioneering new technology in the online dating industry, yet again, with the launch of  the ‘Who’s Near Me’ map search tool.

‘Who’s Near Me’ uses post-code data to create a visual landscape that allows members to tailor their search by area and view the profiles of users in the exact location they’re looking for. The tool creates clusters on the map that members can zoom in on, to see how just many members are in their area, the area where they work or further afield.

As always, the security of members comes first. Map clusters are grouped by a minimum of ten members and the exact locations of members are never revealed.

In highlighting the accessibility of other members, the function  enhances member engagement and in turn, keeps members online for longer and ultimatelyincreases conversion rates.

The launch of our innovative ‘Who’s Near Me’ function across all, non-hard niche sites follows in the footsteps of a successful trial period. Results have been really positive so far, so keep an eye out for more updates!



If you have any queries regarding the new map search tool, ‘Who’s Near Me’, please do get in touch. The Partner team are always here to help.

Best regards,

Jayne Musk
B2B Marketing Manager

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