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Check out Partner Manager Jessica Dimsdale’s ‘top tips’ below on making the most out of your campaigns, plus the importance of knowing your target audience. We also reveal who has been chosen as’s Partner of the Month…





I cannot stress enough how important setting up campaign tracking is – without tracking your traffic and advertisement sources, you are essentially going in blind and preventing yourself from being able to optimise your campaigns and improving your ROI.

Many partners will have a variety of different advertising sources that they use to drive traffic and what better way than being able to analyse all of these sources in one place! By setting up campaign tracking within the partner portal account you are able to monitor all promotional channels, even drilled down to the keyword of a campaign or a banner type (if using ad networks). The information this tracking relays is vital in allowing you to progress further and inevitably make more revenue.

With the help of your partner manager, you can work together on optimising future campaigns and concentrating your spend on places that work for you and your ROI. Get tracking now!


Every dating site that runs on the platform has its own unique message, look and feel; which is the great thing about being able to create your own landing page design with us. One of the most important things you need to consider when setting up a site is your audience – everything from the initial marketing message to the landing page content and design can affect the success of your site.

If you have a niche site, really consider the audience when creating your market message and landing page. Even the content on the landing page can be catered to the demographic of people you are targeting. Remember, getting the message right can make a considerable difference to your visitor to basic registration rate.

If you are driving the right sources of traffic to your site, not only will your visitor to basic ratio increase but you will also have the chance to improve on that all important full member conversion rate. If you want to review your site design and market message with your partner manager then contact them today. Please remember, the partner team is Google Certified.


One of‘s USPs is that every partner is assigned their own partner manager to help make their dating business the best. Building a relationship with your PM really helps drive this success. Don’t forget- your partner manager works within the very industry you are trying to crack so make use of their invaluable knowledge. They can keep you up to date with new features launching on the platform, spikes and trends they see, plus help with optimising your campaigns and how best to manage that all important spend.

Your partner manager can be contacted via their direct dial number or email so please don’t hesitate to contact them. Working together is the key to success.




Congratulations to Stuart Criddle who is‘s Partner of the Month. Stuart has ramped up his campaign activity and spend to great success, with his international portfolio growth increasing by +125% compared to the previous month. His complete group of dating sites has grown by a fantastic +57%, plus his key dating brands have also seen an increase in conversion rates. Congrats Stuart- looks like all of your hard work is paying off!



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