The Power of Niching

Niche Dating has arrived on the White Label Dating Platform!

Dating sites have never been so tailored! Join us in this new exciting venture!

The Power of Niching

So when we talk about niching, what do we mean? What are the opportunities and how can it help you and your members?

The opportunities and possibilities are endless! The power of niching is hugely effective and will really help set your sites apart from the competition! For those of you who already have a site positioned as niche, you will know how well this suits you, but for those who don’t, here are a few facts :

Sites on our existing network already positioned as niche provide much higher conversions

  • Lower acquisition costs
  • Lower CPC
  • Less competitive SEO
  • More targeted advertising
  • Easier to leverage social media sites
  • More newsworthy PR

All in all, this leads to…more profit for you! Is there much more for us to say?

Niching The Network

So, your next will this niche opportunity work?

The new niching tool allows multi segmentation by network. To show you just how much opportunity there is take a look at what the database can now be niched on:

  • Age – Target site from 18 – 120 years of age
  • Sexuality – Straight, Gay or Bisexual
  • Location – Can set distance by 5,10,20,30,50,75,100 and 200 miles of given postcode
  • Interests – Specific individual interests or multiple grouped interests
  • Characteristics – Sites can be targeted on specific characteristics

In summary there is a huge opportunity available to you. Get in touch with you Partner Manager today to discuss the possibilities. Here is something to leave you with….in total there are 1,756 to the power of 223, possible combinations, that’s a hell of a lot of possible sites!!

Talk to Us


Don’t be shy, talk to us about this. To fully understand this new exciting possibility and set up your niche site give your partner manager a ring today, they are here to help you.

Gary Taylor – [email protected] / 01753 757561

Laura Cowell – [email protected] / 01753 757562

Lauren Barnes – [email protected] / 01753 757566

Mel Thompson – [email protected] / 01753 757567

Hannah Mace – [email protected]k / 01753 757563

Sarah Iles – [email protected] / 01753 757557

A good place for you to start is to research and understand your consumer, start to become a master of your niche, increase your margins and profit, and all of this in summary will help you grow your profitable revenues!

Take Advantage!


Make sure you take full advantage of this great opportunity that you are being given. Really do call your partner manager today and get their help and advice, they know what will work best for you. Niching is live NOW, so don’t hang around! Start buying those domain names as soon as you can!

Good luck. We look forward to seeing the new sites!

Best wishes,


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