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Get Into the Mind of Your South African Members


As the South African network continues to go from strength to strength and the overall internet usage is on the up in South Africa, this is no better time to get some insight into this set of internet demographics.

Thanks to the internet Access Study carried out by World Wide Worx there are now some really interesting insights into the World Wide Web over in South Africa. The most interesting and exciting stat being that the number of internet users in SA has passed the 5 million mark for the first time! Think of all the possible site surfers that you could have!

The research also shows that the country’s internet user base grew by 15% in 2009, from 4.6 million to 5.3 million, and is expected to grow at a similar rate in 2010. It also shows that there are currently around 3.36 million users using their mobile phones for web browsing.

Also included in the online article is the most recent Nielsen online statistics about local website visitors and sheds light on who visits South African websites. You can see all the info online at . Go take a look and try and pull some of this knowledgeable info into your own sites. Get into the mind of your South African members!

Hr Re-vamp Increases Same-Day Conversion Rate


Sprucing up your home page’s design can do wonders! refreshed their site’s look last month and received feedback from their members saying that 93% where either ‘satisfied’ or ‘somewhat satisfied’ by the new design, plus same-day conversion rate increased by 2%. 93% of members also said they would recommend to a friend or family member.

It just goes to show what a re-vamp can do for your site(s), and your conversion rates. Taking a little time to think of a new design really can pay off.

Fancy refreshing your page but stuck for ideas? Why not ask your Partner Account Manager for their opinion? They are always more then willing to help you out.


Are You The Next Partner of the Month?

You may have recently seen our new monthly feature, Partner of the Month. We have been rolling this out over the past three months and it’s a great way for us to highlight when a partner has really achieved great things with their site(s).

In the first month we congratulated after their PR campaign reached more than 100 million people worldwide and increased new member figures by 275% in one month.

Next up, was one of our very successful South African partners, Johann Du Plessis. He was our August Partner of the Month due to his ever-growing success of his South African dating portfolio.

This month, it was David Cliff for the successful launch and flourishing results for over 40’s site,

Make sure you keep a look out for our Partner of the Month segment on our blog and Press Releases, it may well be you next time!


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