Rosie HubSpot Test Blog Post

Great introduction goes here..

Great filler content goes here…we need to make this at least three hundred (300) words to pass this bit of the module. Three hundred words is a lot of words for filler alone. How long would it take me to write three hundred words? Ten minutes, maybe less? I should time myself and see how many letters I can type in a minute like the old school typists did. That could be added to my CV and and I could get a post-war typist job where I go around the office on roller skates and play with switchboards. Is this three hundred whole words yet? I hope so. I don’t think it is though. Well, that’s very annoying – I would go so far as to say that that is a terrible shame. A travesty. A displeasure to me. OK, this has got to be three hundred amazing literary, jump off the page and straight into your eyeballs words now, hasn’t it?

Nope, not even close. Well, my ramblings will have to continue until I pass this part of the course and then I can delete this nonsense and pretend it never happened! That would be ideal. Three hundred words gone forever – poof, into oblivion. Gone and never to be seen again.


I’ll write really good blog posts when I can pass this assessment. I know how to write blog posts, I have written almost five hundred for my own blog over almost four years. I’ve written countless blog posts for Partners and I have got to have written countless blog posts and articles for guest posts to boost my own SEO.

This tool is quite nifty though. It does do everything in one place which will make life easier. I like that it has Canva embedded, I can create blog assets and images without having to switch between tabs which will be really very very very helpful.

Are we are three hundred little tiny words yet? Are we almost there? Three hundred, 300, three zeros. Three hundred?

Great summary goes here…


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