Partner Focus: May 2 December

This week, we’re putting our imaginative partner Gary Johnston in focus. Gary joined the family five months ago, when he launched champions the notion of ‘ageless romance’. The inspiration for the site sprung from the 1990’s sitcom of the same name. ‘May to December’ followed the lives of a couple made up of a young woman and a much older man. Interestingly, the music for the programme was made up of soundtracks from musicals, reflecting the couple’s mutual interest.

There is clearly a strong market for this kind of site, with growing steadily to see a 54% increase in basic registrations from June to July.

Given the success of the site, followed in quick succession, also attracting large volumes of traffic. However, even against the success of, the blew it’s sister site out of the water, seing a staggering 40,000% increase in basic registrations between June and July. As such, Gary’s focus for August has been geared towards, which has also seen success on the South African and Australian networks.

Proof that a little creativity goes a long way. Long may Gary’s success continue!

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