Nine years on…

Continuing with our birthday celebrations, Steve Pammenter,‘s co-founder and COO, looks back on the last nine years.

Let’s face it; it’s pretty tough out there at the moment. The last year or so has been economically challenging for both businesses and consumers in the UK, with only the best of the best able to weather the storm and survive what has been described as one of the most damaging recessions in recent history.

I’d like to give you my perspective as to why Global Personals hasn’t just survived the recession; we have flourished and gone from strength to strength.

So, what do you get if you cross an Financial Director, with the Sun Newspaper’s former Brand Director, The Dating Lab’s old Managing Director, Vodafone and Sky’s ex-Marketing Manager and News International’s Head of Customer Data and Analytics? Not to mention product and marketing brains from the likes of and Playboy!

Anybody that has visited our offices will know that we have a knack for attracting and retaining some serious talent, and this is one reason why our business performs the way it does. Both in and out of the boardroom, we have some of the most passionate and visionary minds in the online industry today. We made a conscious decision to continue to invest throughout the doom and gloom and my, have we come out of the other side a stronger and more motivated business! Our growth continues at the same impressive rates as it did before talk of recessions began and even during those torrid economic times, we have been twice commended by Virgin and The Sunday Times in the Fast Track 100 awards.

The second reason for our continued success is the forward thinking of our team and the attention that we pay to all our customers, as well as the product we offer. We have come to realise that products in our space move very quickly and there are, of course, always new players coming into the market. As a result, we always need to be one step ahead and this can only be achieved through great communication between all of the teams within the business.

We now have over 130 people looking after our members in one way or another and it’s essential that these people regularly talk to each other. Moreover, it’s vital that nobody is scared to offer up an idea or put their opinion forward. This is how our platform has developed. The people in the boardroom don’t have all of the answers; it’s the talent of the teams that we have put together that continue to develop and help to drive us forward.

The last nine years have been a steep learning curve for all of us here at Global Personals Ltd and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing. We have built a team of professional, committed people who continue to surprise me every day.

In short, I am proud that we have developed the best platform in the industry with the best people in the industry. As we turn nine, I can honestly say that I have never been more confident.

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