New Tutorials For Our Partners

Here at White Label Dating, we pride ourselves on offering levels of support to our partners that are unprecedented amongst all other white label providers.

Not only do we have a UK based Account Management Team on hand to assist you, but also the Partner Portalwhich is filled with resources to help you make the most from your sites.


InlineIn an attempt to further support to our partners, we will be increasing this support with the introduction of a new CRM programme with useful tips and advice to help you maximise the revenue returns from your site(s).

The programme will be rolling out this week and may mean that you receive some one off back-dated communications. Moving forwards, you will receive detailed support and guides on how to help you make the most from your sites, covering every aspect of marketing your site(s).



InlineIf there are specific areas that you would like help with or that you think would be useful to have included, please feel free to contact your Partner Manager who will welcome your feedback.

As always, we appreciate your continued commitment to our partnership and look forward to working towards increasing returns together.

Kindest regards,

Mel Kirk
B2B Marketing Manager
White Label Dating

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