Comms Round-up – May 2011


Here is a round-up of key performing activity from the Comms team in May. All in all it’s been a great month on email performance, across all Networks.

With Full & Basic member counts increasing month-on-month, so too has the email-able member-base and we can now attribute over half of all site traffic as coming from an email source (=50.01%). This is the highest it’s ever been and is a +25% increase on what we were seeing on site traffic just 2 months ago.

Revenue from email has also risen by +11.64% across the month compared to April (which in itself was a very strong month). Driving this has been predominately the Adult & General Network Notifications & Newsletters.

Campaigns we sent last month.

The month was book-ended by 2 Bank Holiday offers to Basic members. The first offer on May 2nd was an end point to April’s Easter / Royal activity. The offer was 3-for-2 and generated a great amount of revenue in upgrades.

The Comms Team also sent a number of B2B General / Adult cross-sells throughout the month which, by-and-large, saw a good response on both acquisition & conversions. Conversions averaged an estimated 5% yield.

The month of May also saw the start of the Adult Network Wink promotion- challenging members to raise their profiles and acquire more Winks from admirers. This activity has proven successful across Mature & General in the past and Adult was no different. Winks notification volumes went up by +13% on the day the first email was sent and by +15% on the day of the second.

But why keep promoting winks?

Winks have one of the highest CTR’s (from send volume) of all notifications if we exclude system support messages. The Wink activity also hosted a number of additional CTA’s, some of which were to upload more photos and complete a profile. Encouraging Adult members to carry out these CTA’s can sometimes be quite delicate but despite this we still saw a daily uplift of +2.57% on new photo uploads during the campaign and +7.30% daily uplift on newly completed profiles.

Later in the month, Comms ran a Diary Competition across all Networks and territories in the build up to the Bank Holiday Weekend. The competition asked our members to upload a diary entry describing their ‘perfect weekend’ to enter themselves in with a chance of winning a Red Letter Day ‘experience’ of their choice.

The response has been great…

A +33% daily increase in new diary entries across Adult during the competition week, +23% on General & +44% on Mature. With so many new diary entry uploads our sites were richer in content and primed for the weekends Free Read…

The Free Read special offer is still active until Friday 3rd Friday, with a final reminder being sent that day. So far we’ve seen fantastic revenue from this offer code.

That’s it for now. Same again next month!

Toby Prior
Senior Email Marketing Manager

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