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The month of May has got off to a pretty dismal start (following an equally miserable April) so we thought we’d brighten it up by sharing the love. Here’s a selection of some of the most recent testimonials we’ve received from those members who have found their happily ever after.

Mature Free and Single

Me and my fiancé Martin (yep we’re now engaged!) are writing to you because online dating really does work!

I first winked at Martin on 25th June 2011 and we had our first date two weeks later on Friday 8th July. Martin said he didn’t usually reply to winks but when he saw my profile and photo he couldn’t resist (aww!). From then on, we spent every weekend together and gradually realised we’d hit the jackpot and fell in love. We started talking about getting engaged but thought it was too, so we decided to wait until June 2012. By September we were both positive we had something amazing and changed our plans – we bought the ring but waited until Christmas day to get engaged – it was so special and Martin almost cried. We now have the Wedding booked for 21st March 2014 and I just can’t wait! If someone had told us this time last year that we would find our perfect partner online and be engaged and planning my dream wedding, I think we would have both been a little sceptical – but it has happened and we are both over the moon. We can’t thank you and your team enough – we now have an amazing life together to look forward to. It’s a dream that absolutely came true!!

Online dating really does work! Jan and Martin xx

Hallam FM Dating

My reasoning for joining Hallam was very similar to my girlfriend’s (quite ironic really!!), could not meet anyone, work commitment and the main one really confidence. It was me really who made the first contact by sending a WINK!!…she replied and we sent a couple of emails, asking how each other were. For some reason we went quiet on each other, but later we both found out whilst talking we were still looking at each other’s profiles in the quiet period, so there must have been an attraction on both sides. Luckily a couple of weeks later, when began emailing again and i was the one who ask her out :)…we decided to go bowling and have a meal, it may sound different, but believe me bowling is a good icebreaker!! To say the date went well… its 13 months later, we’re both still very happy and looking to move in together. We would like to thank Hallam FM Dating, for being a stepping stone in our relationship and have recommended to others.

Could not be happier 🙂
Many Thanks, Mike and Patsy-Anne x

Singles Over 60

Thank you for your email and I enclose a photograph taken yesterday in Patrick’s conservatory before we went out for Sunday lunch. I first got in touch with Patrick on 24th March; he booked a Sunday lunch at a restaurant and spent the rest of the day at Little Studley Park, a National Trust beauty spot with lakes and fallow deer. We both knew we wanted to see each other again. Since then we have seen each other five times a week, we text every day and we’ve met one another’s families. I already had two holidays planned this year before I met Pat, but we intend to spend at least one holiday together in the middle of my two. My life has really taken off since I’ve known Pat. He is a fabulous man, a family man and a fun man, so thank you Singles Over 60 for introducing me to him. We have spent three separate days out with his brother and sister-in-law, what a lovely family, and as I haven’t got any family (except my Mum) I have been welcomed into Pat’s.

I’m thoroughly enjoying my life again now that Pat is a part of it and it is all due to Singles Over 60.

Smooth Radio Dating

We first met in January and haven’t looked back. We are very much in love and planning on moving in together next month. Thank you bringing us together! Olivia.

Whether it’s finding their first love, finding love just around the corner, or finding love again, it’s always great to hear that we’re bringing people together and making their lives colourful. We’d like to say big congratulations to each couple and a massive thank you for sharing their success with us. Here’s to their bright future!

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