How a small change can make a big difference…

At, we’re passionate about helping our partners to grow and develop their portfolios. We dedicate endless resources ensuring that our platform is as effective as possible, to help our partners succeed in today’s competitive market.

Recently, introduced rate card testing. This is an invaluable tool that provides us with the ability to closely analyse highly accurate data, so that we can see what works best for each individual site. The tool reports which rates generate the most cash and the best lifetime values. There was a flurry of interest in response to rate card testing when it first launched, and as such, it was applied to a number of sites. But the partner team didn’t stop there!

We evolved the testing system to trial the most effective ways of displaying price plans; this is known as package mix testing. For those of you who are not familiar with the process, the package mix is a setting that can change the order that price packages are displayed to the user when they go through to the upgrade page. This can influence a member’s decision on which package to sign up to, and thus influence the lifetime value of full members. Ultimately, the higher your lifetime value, the higher your return on investment.

We initially trialled package mix testing on our in-house sites, as well as with a hand-picked selection of top tier partners whose sites regularly attract high volumes of traffic. The results from the ‘6 month’ highlight were very interesting. This particular package means that members are still given the option to sign up for just one month, however, they are also shown the impressive savings to be made when signing up to a 6 month membership.

  • Almost all of the sites tested saw increases in their lifetime value, when highlighting the ‘6 Month’ package.
  • Our in-house sites recorded an impressive 30 – 40% increase in cash per basic member.
  • Encouragingly, rebill rates were not dramatically affected by the package testing.

In light of the results from this research, strongly encourages partners to consider utilising the package mix tool on both new and existing sites. This is a small change that could make a big difference to the revenue that your sites generate.

If you have questions regarding rate card and package mix testing or wish to set it up on your any of your sites, please contact your Partner Manager today.

Kaleigh Scott, Partner Manager at

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