To the stratosphere and beyond! Revenue per registration on WLD is the HIGHEST it’s ever been!

The amount of revenue WLD partners are generating from each registration is the HIGHEST it’s ever been! This comes as a result of newly deployed payment processing technology across the White Label Dating platform.


What we’ve done

Working closely with our gateways and payment processing partners, last month we fully deployed new payment processing technology. As a result, payment success across the platform increased by a MASSIVE 30%+! 

Since the deployment, we’ve been closely monitoring the impact this uplift has had on the amount of money our partners are making. The results have absolutely blown us away!

What we’ve seen

This year, WLD platform performance has gone from strength to strength. Back in April we were absolutely delighted to report that on-going price point and upgrade process testing and optimisation resulted in a significant +25% increase in the amount of revenue our partners were making from each registration they drove to their WLD dating sites. 

Screenshot 2022-06-07 at 12.21.16Graph 1: Yield per registration


Over Easter weekend, this was a MASSIVE +30% increase versus the post Christmas two-week boom (you’ll see both periods marked on the graph above).

All sounding pretty impressive, right?

But check this out – just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, the impressive uplift in payment success last month (30%+!) has rocketed the amount of revenue our partners are making from each registration to levels never seen before on the WLD platform!

Levels that even we didn’t expect!

What this means for our partners

WLD partners are now getting even more revenue from the traffic they are sending to their dating sites than they did during the highs of December, January and Easter!

We’re passionate about ensuring our partners can stay competitive, and excel, in an ever evolving dating market. We’re over the moon with the results that the platform is yielding for our partners from the same levels of spend.

Such strong performance across the platform ensures that our partners are able to acquire traffic much more confidently. Knowing they will receive more money per registration, they can be much more aggressive when bidding in online auctions to acquire registrations for their dating sites, for example through Google or Bing.

What’s next

We can’t wait to share further reported uplifts as we continue to work closely with our gateways and processing partners on new exciting projects to sustain and further boost platform performance. 

Mesosphere, we’re coming for you!

For more information about the WLD platform, email us here.


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