First Impressions: Aleks Lewinska

The latest addition to the Global Personals Comms team is Merchandising Manager, Aleks Lewinska, who handles the merchandising for all sites. Aleks never imagined she’d end up in the online dating industry but here she is! Here are her first impressions of the company.

The first thing that struck me about Global Personals were the Globalites! The company is full of interesting and highly skilled people, who are very good at what they do. However, it was the friendly atmosphere and approachable management team that stood out the most.

Having spent most of my career working for large corporations, Global Personals is a breath of fresh air. Despite its size, it makes me feel like a graduate again… Although that can be a bit intimidating sometimes!

My career has been quite varied; having started out in fashion before moving into online retail, I have somehow ended up in the online dating industry… I can’t say I saw that one coming! And yet, I can honestly say that out of all of the jobs I’ve had, this is the one that I’ve enjoyed the most.

Working as a Merchandising Manager means that I’m finally getting to do a job that really interests me. I’ve only been here two months and in that time, I’ve learnt a massive amount how merchandising works in the dating industry, which is very specific and operates quite differently to other industries. There’s a lot to learn but the team are infinitely knowledgeable, so I think I’m in safe hands.

Now I’m at Global Personals, I’m lucky enough to be one of those rare people who enjoys coming to work every day. Although, I’m not especially fond of getting up half an hour earlier for my commute. Thankfully, there’s a plentiful supply of coffee in the office to keep me going!

Overall, my first impressions have shown me that Global Personals is a great place to be. It’s encouraging to know that even though we’re in a recession, the business continues to grow and I look forward to growing with it.

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