Customer Support Team Update w/c 15th Feb

Hello everybody! We hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day! The Support team enjoyed a lovely Valentine’s Dinner last Thursday and we had a little extra fun by doing a Secret Cupid! We each bought a secret present for someone else in the team to celebrate an important day for us, as where would we be without love? We hope that you had as much fun as we did. 🙂

Customer Satisfaction rate

Member Query of the Week:

Many members have been enquiring about video diaries that you can upload onto your profile and what can you gain from adding this onto your account. Video diaries are a great way to attract more attention to your profile. For example, you can elaborate more on your written profile and divulge a bit more about yourself, your hobbies, what makes you tick and anything else you can think of!

Videos also allow other members to hear your voice and see your general body language. They can then get a clearer picture of the kind of person you are and whether your traits and characteristics are compatible with theirs.

The member query of the week is: How long does it take for my video to be approved onto the site?

Answer: I can confirm that your video will be uploaded within 24 hours of receiving it. However, this is only a guideline as all of our moderations are usually completed within 3 hours. This is due to our vigilant Customer Care Team ensuring that all member profiles are up to date.

Should there be any reason as to why we are unable to upload your video, for example sound quality, we will always contact you via a support message with a full explanation.

Good Feedback:

We always like to share the success other members have on the site. Here are two more that have been lucky in love this week:

Our first member is Christine Saupe on

Message: “I wish to cancel my subscription as ive met a wonderful man only 3miles from where i live,i would never have met him if i hadnt been on this sight!!!! ive been very lucky hope more people are canceling on sat 13th feb 2010.

Thank You.”

This member, Eddie Doig on, has also met the love of his life!

Message: “Could you please cancel my membership and remove all my details from your database, as I have found the new love of my life through this site. Could you also confirm that any debits are cancelled as well if appropriate.
many thanks”

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