“Break – up Month”

January, a month of  doom and gloom. You have all those Christmas bills sneaking up on you, it’s cold and dark outside and the only lights up are those of that one house that never take down their ‘Santa Stop Here’ decorations.

All in all it’s a pretty depressing month, and to make matters worse…..January is famously known as the “break-up month”. This can be brought on by the stresses of spending all of that time cooped up together over xmas or the stress of the credit card bill arriving in January. Either way, January is often the month where people make their New Year’s resolution to find that someone who does make them happy – taking time to reflect and examine what exactly it is that they want in their lives.

Whatever the reason for the rise in January break ups, it’s a perfect opportunity for you to get in there and start helping those who have been heartbroken. Lighten up their spirits by indulging them in the many dating opportunities waiting for them. Why not have a think of a clever marketing campaign that you could introduce in 2010 to try and catch all those new singles before they get snapped up again. With Valentines day just around the corner they will definitely not want to be single for long!

Watch out for those signal status’s popping up all over facebook! Now’s the time to up that marketing spend and watch the returns come rolling in.

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