August Comms Round-Up


Last month we told you about some exciting new additions to the member experience by way of Free / Paid-For Trials. Not only a great way for our basic members to dip their toes in the water but an opportunity for us and our partners to leverage conversions and bolster life-time-value. We tested these trials in the latter half of July using a selection of sites, different networks and contrasting member types. The tests were a resounding success – 60% of our trialled basic members went on to become full members!

Safe in the knowledge that our basic members were responsive to these offers we were confident in promoting them throughout August on a much larger scale. This is where email communications really comes into its own…

The Comms Team wasted no time in setting up a variety of different trial periods to promote across a mix of different networks, sites, niches & basic member types, be they lapsed full members, active or not very active basics, or something else… Dependant on what category these members fell into, a different trial was promoted. Right to their inbox!

Performance of the trials reflected the success of July’s tests despite the much broader target groups, with some campaigns generating a fantastic conversion rate. The challenge is to ensure these trials continue to be sent in a targeted and timely fashion whilst retaining their relevancy and remaining fresh.

With ongoing activity such as this we’re seeing email fast become the number one touch point for conversions. Helped further by being responsible for some 53% of all site traffic combined across August. Such member engagement is made possible by all the hard work our acquisition teams and partner site owners have shown in growing the member-base significantly over the last month.

Until next time!

Toby Prior

Senior Email Marketing Manager

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