Blog Expands Portfolio

Melanie Smith is one of‘s great examples of a woman who knows what she is doing, and won’t let an opportunity pass her by when she sees one! Melanie wants to be one of the first to get as much prosperity from a growing market as she can. With the success she’s had within the current UK market, Melanie has decided to expand into new territories, where the markets are less saturated and still in a state of modulation. With a very large gap in the South African market becoming apparent, she is now diversifying her portfolio. With and being his original sites to launch in the UK, Melanie has taken his branding and concepts overseas with nothing to lose and everything to gain! Melanie has launched her new sites,,, and even a third foreign dating site There is fresh pie in the form of the South African market which we know Melanie wants to get a large piece of!

Something Melanie has learned which is a great tip for those out there looking for some inspiration to get started in the online dating business, is that niche dating is very profitable with high conversion rates. By targeting a niche, members are more likely to pay for a subscription, believing that other people on the site are likely to be suitable, with similar interests. The cost of acquisition can be lower too, which is always a bonus!

We wish her the best of luck with her new sites and look forward to seeing South Africa grow!


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