’12 good things to come out of a bad date’

While having a flick through Glamour magazine I came across their single-ish daily dating blog, a great read if you fancy a giggle. I came across an article, ’12 good things to come out of a bad date.’ The points Erin Meanly make are really worth sharing and will help those who may be feeling slightly disheartened by a bad date they may have recently had. We all know that not every date you go on will end up ending perfectly, but there are plenty of positive points that come hand in hand with the dating game;

1. You learn what not to do

Point number 1 is very valid! I am sure we have all experienced those awful first date moments! One on Erin’s list that would definitely put me off a first date was when a guy apparently passed some very silent but very violent wind! Huge turn off! Other first date no no’s include, talking about your x and how they use to do things! Drinking that one too many cocktails and telling your date you love them, not such a great idea on a first date!

2. You get dating practice

They do always say practice makes perfect and a dater can always improve on their game! By the end of your dating experience you will be a pro! You could even set up your own dating advice blog to help out those other first time daters in need.

3. You get a story to tell

I have to admit, the stories you get from dating can sometimes be one of the best aspects to the game! Whether it’s a dating disaster about that guy who just didn’t seem to stop crying ALL night or a story of an amazing date that completely swept you off your feet! You will be at the top of the list for your mates dinner parties from now on!

4. You could get a free meal

OK, so this maybe more of one for the girls, but sometimes you may even get a free dinner, always a plus but remember to always offer girls!

5. You may learn something

It’s always great to meet new people, everyone has interesting things to share and you can always learn from others! You’ll come out of your date feeling more knowledgeable than ever!

6. You can network

Ahhhh the wonderful world of networking, your date may not be your prince charming but they may be able to help you out in more departments than you first thought! After all it’s who you know, not what you know!

7. You get to feel pretty / manly

It’s always nice to dress up and feel pretty and even better if you get complimented on it! It works for guys to, you get to do the manly thing of looking after a women for the night, and giving her those lovely compliments, that’s fun for men …right?? Plus you get to get some compliments yourself! Spending that extra 5 minutes doing your hair will pay off.

8. You get out of the house

We all know that after a day at the office you can get into a very comfy routine of getting home, popping on your slippers and chilling out to a movie, not that there is anything wrong with that, but dating can help pull you out of doing it every night, you’ll start being a little socialite before you know it!

9. You get to experience a new venue

Getting to experience new places is a huge plus to the fun dating game. You may even find a new favourite place courtesy of your date.

10. You become more confident

A huge bonus to dating! The more dates you go on the more confident you’ll become, and there’s nothing sexier than a bit of confidence!

11. You might get a hug

Hugs, very underrated! A hug is always needed, I don’t think people give out enough, in fact I think having a hug a day can make a whole lot of difference! So if you don’t get anything out of your date just make sure you get a little squeeze!

12. You appreciate your next partner so much more

Once you find the right person you will appreciate them a hell of a lot more and your relationship will end up being the best yet! 🙂

So even if you do have a bad date remember all the good things you got out of it, sit back and smile and think of all the fun times you have ahead!

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