Product updates: Enhancing payments and profiles

We’re working on a few big projects at the moment, most of which we told you about in our last product update. For that reason, today’s post is short but sweet.

Team Pi

PiAim: To increase initial and rebill rates by improving the way that our Customer Care team take phone payments.

Previously upgrades over the phone were one-off payments. This new project allows members to begin subscriptions that rebill at the end of each period.

Team Bolt

BoltAim: To enhance member profiles by giving users the ability to upload up to 100 photos, increasing the limit from 10.

The goal of this project is to enrich user-experience, to drive revenue; the more photos a member uploads, the more messages and profile views they receive from other members. In allowing members to upload up to 100 photos, we hope to see members sending more messages to one another thus encouraging upgrades.

Team Prime

PrimeAim: To implement an additional payment gateway allowing us to accept more payment types.

As part of a new project to allow us to expand the types of payments we accept from members,  we’re adding an additional payment gateway. More information on this project can be found here

We’ll be back in two weeks to tell you about what we’re working on next. Until next time!

Jen Woof, Senior Project Manager at White Label Dating®

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