Product update: Verification, live chat and user engagement

From increasing email verification rates, to adding new payment methods, to increasing site engagement, the White Label Dating® services development team are as busy as ever! Here’s what we’re working on at the moment.

Team Pi

PiAim: The current sprint aims to provide partners with visibility on email verification rates.

Team Pi’s current sprint will allow you to access a ‘verification report’ in the Partner Portal. This means you can track the verification levels of members on your sites over time. The tool will also give you the option to view your data by either currency, network or site.

The verification report will allow you to identify the quality of certain traffic sources; if a particular traffic source is sending you a lot of members who never verify their email address, you can reallocate your spend elsewhere. With access to this data, you can  influence and improve the verification rate on your sites by testing new traffic sources.

Portal Verification Reports

Team Bolt

BoltAims: To replace our live chat system with new, more scalable, software and to increase email verification rates.

Team Bolt have replaced our original ‘live chat’ tool with new, more scalable, software from SnapEngage. The live chat function allows our customer care team to assist members on the upgrade page to successfully drive conversions. SnapEngage will still allow our dedicated online sales time to offer members visiting the payment page the option to chat with an advisor in real time. Since we first launched LiveChat in September last year, our online sales team have achieved a really high volume of upgrades. SnapEngage is more reliable and more scalable which will allow us to effectively grow the online sales team with ease.

The team also aim to increase email verification rates by adding an email validation tool to the signup form on landing pages. The tool will assess the entered email address for factors such as typos and whether the email address actual exists or is a known spam trap. If a user enters a bad email address that the validation tool detects, they’ll be unable to sign up to the site. The team will test this feature on a selection of internal sites before being rolled out.


Team Prime

PrimeAims: To implement an additional payment gateway to allow us to offer members more payment methods and to increase engagement rates by improving the Adult user experience.

As part of a new project to allow us to expand the types of payments we accept from members,  we’re adding an additional payment gateway. This will work alongside our current payments supplier that will allow us to offer a wider range of payment methods to our members. We’re expecting this to see a particularly positive impact on international payments in territories like the USA. This is a big project so watch this space for more updates.

As part of our ongoing project to improve the Adult user experience, Team Pi are currently working on increasing engagement rates with the introduction of a new-style homepage inside the app. The new design will focus on placing fresh and relevant images in front of the user with the goal of increasing click-through rates and member’s desire to engage with the site.

As always, if you have any questions about any of the product updates coming soon, please get in touch with the Partner team to discuss this in more detail.

Jen Woof, Senior Project Manager at White Label Dating®


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