Product update: Verification and mobile

Here’s what our development team are working on to enhance White Label Dating® services at the moment.

Team Pi

PiAim: To increase email verification rates for all members across all networks.

Team Pi’s primary goal is to implement a tool that auto-corrects mistakes in members’ email addresses. This tool will amend typos whenever a member signs up or edits their email address.

The team will then move on to look at enhancing the verification email for specific groups of members and demographics, by adding in new copy and imagery.



Team Bolt

BoltAim: To replicate a desktop feature to increase conversion rates on mobile sites.

 Team Bolt aim to replicate the ‘Diaries’ function, which allows members to share their dating experiences with other members, on mobile. Not only will this enrich user experience, but it may also increase propensity to convert.


Mobile Dev

Team Prime

PrimeAim: To enhance user experience by speeding up the page load times of mobile sites. 

Team Prime’s primary goal is to implement a method of  loading page content dynamically; in this instance, the main content of the page will load first, with advertising following afterwards so as not to slow down the loading time. We expect this to increase the page load time of mobile sites by 1.5 seconds. This will not only improve user experience but will also positively impact the search engine ranking of your sites.

If you’d like to know more about any of the features covered in today’s blog, please get in touch with the Partner team. Be sure to check back in two weeks time for our latest updates.

 Jen Woof, Senior Project Manager at White Label Dating®

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