Product update: US interests, Profile Wizard and verification

Here’s what our development team are working on at the moment…

Team Tron
Team Tron 1. To develop US-focused interests

2. To investigate larger photos across the platform
Since we began 2015, our emphasis has been further tailoring our platform for the US market. Team Tron are currently defining a new set of ‘Interests’ that are more regionally relevant for US members. For example, sports like American football and baseball are worthy interests on the US network but don’t hold as much relevance in other territories, such as the UK or Australia. Tailoring interests for US members is all part of making the experience smoother and more appropriate for this new market. By creating a familiar, more localised experience, we hope to increase user engagement in the US.

The team is also investigating the possibility of using larger photos across our platform. Identifying the ideal size and quality of photos to fit in various places on the platform is complex, but the team want to offer members the best possible visual experience.

Team Pi
Pi 1. To improve the new Profile Wizard and begin US testing

The team has also been working hard to to increase profile completion rates, by monitoring and testing the new Profile Wizard on a sample of US sites. The team aim to improve several components of the Profile Wizard, to encourage more users to complete their profile and bring further depth to our member base. This sprint the team are focusing on designing how to separate out the Profile and Q&A steps in order to increase completion rates on both.

Team Bolt
team_bolt_logo 1. To redesign verification nags on Desktop and Mobile

2. To complete “Looking For” feature on mobile
Team Bolt is currently refreshing the look and feel of desktop and mobile verification ‘nags’, with the goal of increasing verification rates.

To increase user engagement and give members a more specific and tailored experience, Team Bolt is also working on releasing the new “Looking For” feature across all mainstream networks on mobile. This will not only increase parity between the Desktop and Mobile experience but allow members to specify the types of members they want to date.

That’s all of our development updates for now! Check back in two weeks for news of our latest platform enhancements.

Ben, ScrumMaster at White Label Dating®

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