Product update: Spotlight Bar, Profile Wizard and Introductions on Mobile

Here’s what our development team are working on at the moment…

Team Tron
Team TronAims:

1. To work on the Introductions feature on mobile.

2. To develop the Spotlight Bar on mobile.

As we work towards gaining greater parity between our desktop and mobile platforms, Team Tron launched an adapted version of the Introductions feature on the mobile platform last week. Given the popularity of this feature on desktop, we expect the number of Introductions sent over time to increase significantly now mobile users also have access to it too.

The team are also iterating on the original version of the Spotlight Bar, currently looking at making the feature available on mobile. The mobile version is in the early stages of development at the moment, with the team working to ensure that there is cohesion between the desktop and mobile platforms.

Team Pi


1. To develop the Profile Wizard on desktop.

2. To explore ideas to encourage profile completion on mobile.

Team Pi are now developing each step of the Profile Wizard and integrating a prototype into the desktop application. This prototype will allow the team to see how the feature will function in a working environment. They can then plan how best to test this on selected sites in the near future.

The team is also looking at more effective ways to encourage profile completion on the mobile platform. As we know, user experience on mobile is very different to desktop so Team Pi will bear this in mind when exploring new ideas.

Team Bolt


1. To make update to our Legal Documentation.

Team Bolt have recently updated the terms and conditions  on all UK sites and privacy policies across all territories. They’ve also added two brand new pages to the footer of all sites on the platform; a new cookie policy page available on all sites and a Collection Statement (an Australian version of Cookie Policy) for Australian sites.

Please take a look at the updated documents in the footer of any of relevant site. If you have any questions, please get in touch with the partner team who will be happy to help.

Team Prime


1. To continue working with new and existing payment gateways.

As has been the case for the last few months, Team Prime are continuing their work with our new and existing payment gateways. The team have just finished working on a new gateway, PayPal Pro, which is now being used on all US mainstream sites. This is part of our work to offer members more alternative payment methods, thus increasing payment success rates. We’ll be closely monitoring the performance of the new gateway and will continue to make improvements to our payment processes wherever necessary.

As always, if you have any questions about our latest product updates, please get in touch with the partner team to find out more. See you in two weeks!

Alex and Ben, ScrumMasters at White Label Dating®

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