Product update: Payments, security and conversion rates

The latest enhancements to the White Label Dating® platform include updates to our payment page, efforts to increase conversion rates, and steps to improve reporting capabilities.

Team Tron


Team Tron

1. To ensure payment pages meet new UK regulations by updating the way prices are displayed and the site’s  Terms and Conditions.

2.  To reduce our backlog of work by re factoring payment page code, enabling future changes to be completed faster.

Team Tron focused their attention on the payment page, updating the page to bring up-to-date with with new UK regulations. We will change the phrase ‘billed as’ to ‘total of’, as well as adding more details about our cancellation policy on the page.

Team Pi



1. To increase conversion rates with a 24-hour pass.

2. To increase the security of sites.

Team Pi are currently testing the effects of a 24-hour pass on selected networks in the US across our commercial sites. If the results are positive, this will eventually be offered as an option for all sites.

We’re always looking for ways to make our members safer. We recently worked with a third party consultant to work out how to do this. As such, we implemented two changes to enhance the security of our sites in line with their recommendations.

Team Prime



1. To improve our payment system by integrating an additional payment gateway service provider.

Team Prime are integrating a new payment gateway into our payments system. The aim is to use this gateway for all future payments on Adult networks. This is due to launch this week.

If you have any questions about our latest product updates, please contact the Partner team.

Alex and Ben, Project Managers at White Label Dating®

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