Customer Support Team Update w/c 16th Nov

Well it’s that time again, just a quick update on how the support team have been getting on. Not too much is new with our busy support boys and girls. It’s just another normal week in the office as far as everyone is concerned. We are so proud to have a team that works so hard replying to those emails and telephone calls. Also our support manager Jessica is going to be celebrating her 25th birthday so the support team are all looking forward to celebrating this with her too – Happy Birthday Jessica!

Monday 9th – Sunday 15t Nov 09

Member Query of the week

We have had a lot of members asking us for advice on how to make the most out of their profiles this past week, with Christmas just around the corner our members are searching to find that special person to spend the festive season with so below is the advice we have been giving them:

1) We advise that members update their profile as often as possible (i.e photos and diary entries) This will mean that other members are drawn to their profile as they will have new photos or diary entries to view.

2) Write as much about yourself and what you are looking for in your personal profile. A lot of members do not know what to write when it comes to themselves, and so we do advise for those members on the general network to use the profile coach which will ask a series of questions before creating your profile text.

3) As a way of standing out from other profiles, we encourage our members to send gifts to other members, If you would like to do this however you will need to purchase credits which are a type of online currency, but this is a great way to break the ice 🙂

Customer satisfaction rate


Good customer experience feedback for you!

Here are 2 quotes for you to look at that your Customer Support Team has received this week.

We received a message from Diane,
Diane: “I have to say your support section and response time is absolutely excellent. I could not have wished for better help in using this site and even the site is extremely good. Well set out and easy to use. And I do thank you for making my introduction to Internet dating so good. Diane”

And we have another message to share from Lance,
Lance: “I’m delighted to tell you that I have found a smashing Yorkshire lass on this site. We’re in a strong relationship and she has decided to come and live with me in Derby. She is Christine from West Yorkshire. We’ll be writing a paragraph in your Success Stories section soon. We would never have met but for your site, thank you so much. So you can revert me back to basic membership. Thanks.”

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