Meet our Business Development Executive

Giving our employees the opportunity to develop their careers but also move across the business if a position comes up for the right candidate, is important to us. Business Development Executive and one time Customer Retention Executive, Mav, shares his thoughts on the new role.

I first joined as part of the Customer Retention team. It takes a special mix of skills to adapt to the individual needs of every customer to help them make the most out of our sites, which means that it isn’t always easy. But with the support, knowledge and shared expertise from the rest of the Retention team, it wasn’t long before I was helping the team hit our targets. The job itself was really enjoyable, and I had fun competing with myself to try and better my previous achievements. And yet, after a while, I felt it was time for a new challenge.

Then along came the Business Development role with Business Development is very important for a business, particularly in an industry as vast and fast-growing as dating – which means huge responsibility!  It looked like a fantastic challenge, so I dived in head first.

I’m really enjoying getting stuck in, and my new team have been endlessly helpful. Every day is different in Biz Dev; I never know who I’m going to speak to, what part of the world they’ll be from or what kind of site they’ll want to set up. From media brands and publishers, to affiliates or webmasters; located anywhere from the UK, USA, South Africa or Australia to name but a few; the dating business offers no ends of variety!

During my time in the job so far, I’ve done a lot of different things that I never thought I would do. I now take partners through every step of setting up a new dating site, helping them to decide what niche, market or even territory to target. I follow up new and existing leads, to encourage them to join the platform, as well as analysing how we can help them define their dating or lifestyle brand to set them apart within their own niche or territory. There is no limit to dating; absolutely anyone can set up a successful site with the right expertise, meaning that there’s no limit to sources of new business. I also regularly catch up with existing partners to see how they’re settling in with the platform, discussing how they can continue to improve their sites.

The Biz Dev role is everything I hoped it would be and I am lucky enough to work in a fantastic team, who are always on hand to help each other out. I can see myself in this role for many years to come and look forward to helping the well oiled machine that is, to “conquer the world!”

For new business enquiries, please contact Mav on [email protected].

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