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Digital marketing consultants, Digital Dudes, partnered with White Label Dating to build their own sustainable dating business.


As digital marketers working within an agency, Ben Hitchens and Joey Peters were always looking for new opportunities to expand and trial new revenue sources to grow their accounts. Ben initially partnered with White Label Dating to do just this – trial making money from online dating to grow account revenues. With a solid understanding of SEO and acquiring traffic online, it was the perfect route to take and within weeks he saw profits grow for their agency accounts.

When Joey arrived at the agency, he began experimenting with Google AdWords and quickly saw promising results from paid search for the dating sites. After seeing success across a range of sources, and more importantly, an incredibly strong return on investment, they found themselves spending more and more time on dating until they stopped working for their agency clients to focus solely on their own dating business. From that moment, Digital Dudes was born. 

Launch and expansion 

Digital Dudes grew fast, demonstrating month on month growth for long periods. In addition to their main brand – We Love Dates – Digital Dudes run over 300 sites on our platform. To this day they have worked closely with their Partner Manager, who provides them with bespoke data weekly to assist with source specific member analysis, and also in providing the detailed insights they need to thoroughly optimise their traffic.

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With a strong interest in expanding acquisition opportunities to further grow revenues, support from the White Label Dating team has proven pivotal. With White Label supporting the day to day running of their account, including site set up, pricing analysis and cross-site registration optimisation, Digital Dudes can spend most of their time managing traffic acquisition and evaluating where to spend across such a large portfolio.

Without having to worry about risking agency reputation or clients fears, they have been able to experiment and take risks with their portfolio – with the vast number having paid off. In recent months, Joey increased their cost per click by +25% in one week which lead to significant increase in the quality of traffic and as a result, return on their investment. Following such positive results, repeating spend increases in future weeks helped them scale their business with confidence.

The numbers

Since Digital Dudes’ first year working with White Label Dating they have grown their Initial Revenue (first time subscription revenue) by +724% from a +100% increase in new registrations over the same time period!  Digital Dudes have demonstrated an impressive desire to optimise their traffic quality throughout our partnership and this is reflected in the numbers they see and the revenue they take home.

+724% growth

in initial revenue

+100% growth
in new registrations


Working with the White Label team, Ben and Joey have also been able to implement a successful cross-registration (cross-sell) strategy, further enhancing their return on investment. Cross-selling is a proven way to boost revenue for Digital Dudes by showing their site’s members an alternate dating offering from within their portfolio if the member did not subscribe on the original site. Digital Dudes are proud of their cross-sell Initial count which now accounts for 10% of all subscribers within their portfolio.

Digital Dudes were awarded ‘Biggest UK Revenue Growth’ at White Label Dating’s 2016 Partner Conference. Ben Hitchens from Digital Dudes is pictured below with White Label Dating’s CEO and Co-Founder, Steve Pammenter.


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We are two digital marketing specialists, passionate about spreadsheets and numbers. It just so happens that the sites behind those spreadsheets are dating sites. We’ve dabbled in other industries but we’ve found that dating gives us the biggest return. Working with White Label Dating allows us to focus on driving the most relevant traffic to our sites – they take care of the rest.

“We get a lot more enjoyment out of working with White Label Dating than with ever-changing clients and the long term pay off is much greater and more sustainable.

“We’ve tested other providers and other industries in search of new revenue streams but the returns and level of integration we’ve found with White Label Dating is second to none. We have a great working relationship with them and our business is working too well to change what we’re doing.


Our take

Determined to continue to grow, and now veterans on our award winning platform, Digital Dudes have set high targets for themselves. The two ambitious marketers continue to set high goals for monthly revenue and continue to adapt and evolve their portfolio to a precise level in order to see considerable growth month on month. A hugely dedicated team that eat, sleep and breathe their Portfolio, they’re certainly one to watch!

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