Using ad networks to successfully gain traffic

Ad networks act like a matchmaker between advertisers and those websites wanting to host ads. They enable you to market your dating sites across a high volume of traffic. Here’s our beginner’s guide to making the most of this traffic source.

Why use an ad network?

Ad networks can provide a good alternative to Google ads and prove particularly valuable for partners with casual dating sites. The networks allow you to attract targeted, relevant traffic that has a higher propensity to click-through to your site. You can use ad networks without incurring the high acquisition costs often seen with AdWords. If you’re looking to diversify your traffic sources, reduce cost and increase volume then an ad network may be an effective marketing tool.

Benefits of using an ad network

Customisable banners
Most ad networks allow you to create your own banners, whether they’re MPUs, skyscrapers or leaderboards. Creating your own tailored adverts enables you to split-test your ads so that you can evaluate which ones attract the most consumers to your site. You can then analyse which banners successfully convert views into paying customers.
You should refresh your banners regularly to avoid ‘banner blindness’. Consumers will become bored and/or unresponsive if they see the same ads over and over again. Aim to update the images in your ads every couple of weeks to achieve the best campaign performance.

Potential for lower acquisition costs
If you don’t have a particularly large budget, ad networks can provide ‘unlimited traffic’ at a low cost-per-click (CPC). Although, while CPC may be low, your cost-per-acquisition (CPA) could be high as traffic can be low converting. That said, well optimised campaigns can be extremely profitable.

Monitoring performance
Ad networks use the same tracking methods as other paid traffic providers, like Google AdWords. Use their tracking pixels to analyse the same metrics you measure for other sources, such as impressions, click-through-rate, CPC and CPA. You can then budget accordingly depending on the performance of each source.

As with other external traffic sources, the Campaign Tracking tool in the Partner Portal allows you to track a user from first click through to payment. Use this data to determine:

  • Which banners achieve the highest volume of paid subscribers
  • Which ads aren’t performing well, so that you can pause or delete them
  • How to optimise your ads and improve those generating good results in the initial stages
  • Which ads are successful in which position

It’s advisable to begin using ad networks once you have developed a good understanding of online marketing techniques. They can be very profitable when used correctly, and normally benefit from an more experienced marketing approach due to the level of attention they require. Existing partners have seen the best results using this traffic source for niched casual sites.

If you have any questions about ad networks, please get in touch with the Partner team.

Frazer Comley
Partner Manager, White Label Dating®

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