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Last week, the Partner team attended an exclusive ‘bootcamp’ at Google HQ, London, to learn about the latest developments to allow how to best optimise your campaigns and monetise your online dating business. Here’s what we learnt.


Try out the new keyword planner. This is a grouping of the keyword tool and traffic estimator, which is soon to replace the two.  If you find it difficult to get creative with your campaigns, the keyword planner tool will essentially build a campaign for you. The campaign will then be ready for you to optimise when enough data is available. Use this when setting up a new campaign or developing an existing one.

Mobile preferred ads.

Make sure that mobile preferred ads are included in your campaigns. A mobile preferred ad is exactly that; an ad created specifically for mobile users. Since the launch of Enhanced Campaigns, ads are no longer split by desktop and mobile. Set up at least one mobile preferred ad to ensure that you have all bases covered and are closely targeting mobile users – don’t be afraid to get creative with your ad copy.

Reminder: You now have additional ways to optimise your campaigns to improve performance. There are three new powerful tools optimise your Enhanced Campaigns; by device, location and time. After initial campaign build and data collection, there are three campaign optimisation phases:

  • Phase one – Device optimisation – segment your campaign by device.
  • Phase two – Time optimisation – segment your campaign by day/time.
  • Phase three – Location optimisation – segment your campaign by location.

Phases two and three are interchangeable. When you reach these stages, look at which elements (location or time) have more data and optimise the one with the most data first.

The long-term goal of Enhanced Campaigns is to track the entire user journey. For example, if a user first visits your site on a mobile device, but converts on desktop, you’ll eventually be able to see that data. It’s vital that you’re using mobile traffic and tracking where possible now, so that you can make use of this data when it becomes available.

Mobile sites

All of your sites should have a mobile landing page or mobile redirect script set up to take users through to the mobile app. If this is not in place by the next Google update and your mobile ad goes to a desktop landing page, your SEO may be negatively affected.

More detail on this can be found here:

Targeting users across all devices will also allow you to ensure that your campaigns will achieve the greatest ROI.

If you have plans to grow any of your dating brands significantly across the next 6 to 12 months, keep an eye out for an invitation to our next webinar on Remarketing and Mobile targeting. In the meantime, please feel free to contact the Partner team if you have any questions at all about Enhanced Campaigns or mobile marketing.

The team at Google

The partner team at Google HQ

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