Three reports to increase your ROI

It’s important so stay on top of every part of your acquisition cycle to achieve the best return on investment. There’s a wealth of easily accessible data within the White Label Dating Partner Portal to help you do just that. Dave Adams, Partner Manager at White Label Dating, shares his tips on the most useful reports to boost your return on investment.

Campaign Tracking

With the Campaign Tracking tool, you can see the number of basic and full members acquired from each campaign, broken down by source, campaign and keyword. You can also see how much revenue each campaign generates, allowing you to determine whether or not its been profitable. After reviewing this data, you can optimise accordingly.

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Members by location

The majority of paid search campaigns (Google/Bing) allow you to target by location. By looking at the ‘members by location’ report, you can see whether members in a particular region have a higher conversion rate, and then increase your bids in those areas. For example, if you can see that members in London convert at 5% but members in Birmingham convert at 10%, you may increase bids on campaigns targeting Birmingham.

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Members by age

Not all advertisers allow you to target by age, but you can still use this information to your advantage. The ‘members by age’ report allows you to view basic and full members by gender and age. You can use this information to target high-converting demographics through ad copy and tailor your onsite imagery to that too.

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As well as these tools, our business intelligence team can also drill deeper into member demographics to help you to better cater to your members. For help understanding your data, get in touch with the partner team today.

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