Success on social: Think outside the box

White Label Dating® Silver Partner, Jonathan Bird, has built an impressive social community for his Singles Warehouse brand and is always looking for new ways to continue its growth. Today, Jonathan shares the details of one of his most recent social campaigns and tells us what he learnt.

We all know just how difficult it is for a brand to stand out on Twitter. With over 97% of big brands active on social media platforms, it’s a tough job for the smaller ones to shine through.

Singles Warehouse has a very popular blog as well as a large following on Twitter. We’re really proud of the success of the brand but will still look at new ways of using our social presence to gain new members.

In the past we’ve tried various campaigns from competitions to group discussions, all of which have had their successes and their pitfalls. This time we wanted to try something a little different which is where #SWTAKEOVER comes in.

The idea in a nutshell

Get a group of single members (two guys and two girls) to take over the Singles Warehouse social media channels for an evening whilst online dating.

How it worked

Last week, we got the group together, armed them with laptops and let them loose on Singles Warehouse. We set the two teams a string of challenges such as battling to be the first person to receive a message or arrange a date. This encouraged competition and got them to tweet about their progress via the Singles Warehouse twitter account.

The teams used the hashtag #SWTAKEOVER to help followers track the action and also for us to monitor engagement.

The results

We gained an additional 150+ Twitter followers and saw a high level of retweets and replies. On top of this we also had a great event to blog about. These results are fantastic considering the event was only an hour long!

The added followers increase the brands reach which can lead to increased traffic to our site and even a small rise in membership.

Social media marketing can be a really efficient way of reaching new customers and growing your brand. The high levels of engagement our latest campaign received is proof that consumers trust what influencers are saying; campaigns like this can effectively increase brand awareness and importantly, trust.

If you’re planning on launching a similar campaign or have a unique idea to grow your social presence, talk to the White Label Dating partner team for guidance. Together, you can turn your good idea into a great idea!

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