Singles 247 launch a new TV campaign

Carl Christensen is the latest White Label Dating® partner to launch a TV advert for his site. The month long campaign for Singles247 kicked off last week.

TV advertising can be expensive, but it can also be invaluable for both branding and acquisition. Targeting non-mainstream TV channels such as E4, Dave, MTV and Comedy Central can be a more cost-effective way of reaching relevant audience demographics at a lower cost, however. The Singles247 30 second TV ad, which you can see below, airs on these channels.

A similar approach was taken by one of our commercial brands,, which acts as a testbed for new acquisition techniques for partners. The Just Singles TV campaign, which launched in January this year, led to a 75% increase in registrations across its portfolio in the first 24 hours after the campaign aired. The strong return on investment demonstrates the kind of success that a well structured campaign can deliver for dating brands.

Singles247 is the umbrella brand behind 26 different niche dating sites. In the ad, there are a number of different personalities represented that bid to reflect the the variety of niche sites on offer. These are interchangeable, meaning new people can be slotted in for future campaigns depending on how each niche is performing, while maintaining brand identity. This is a great example of a White Label Dating® partner advertising their full portfolio of niche sites while maintaining a consistent brand message. The new site design and planned social media campaigns supporting the TV campaign will also reflect this.

The results so far are promising. Check out the ad for yourself:

To find out more about launching your own TV advertising campagins, contact your partner manager today to discuss the best way to get started.

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