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SEO expert and partner, Lyndon Ogden, is a great example of someone taking advantage of the multiple niches available for portfolio expansion on the platform. Lyndon recently expanded his UK portfolio with the launch of,,

In today’s blog, Lyndon shares his key pieces of SEO advice for online dating site owners.

Make sure your website loads quickly

The key to sustainable SEO success very much depends on playing by the rules when it comes to Google. Guidelines have always been clear; webmasters can improve rankings by creating high-quality sites that people want to use and share.

So what do they mean by ‘high quality’? Quality starts with good user experience and that means fast loading times. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you’re saving money by using a second rate hosting service; if that means your website loads slowly, it’s a false economy because your site won’t rank well.

Use the right tools

Use a good web designer to build your website. They’ll know how to keep code as light as possible, using compression techniques to ensure fast loading. Try using a site like Validator.w3 and SEO site checkup to see where code could be improved.

Be sure to upload all of your sites to Google Webmaster Tools, which provides excellent feedback on site performance and the enhancements you can make to achieve a better ranking.

Create quality, unique content

The content on the site itself and how frequently you update it can also make a big impact.  The more unique, high quality pages you add, the more organic links you’ll generate; thus, the more search traffic you’ll receive for these terms. Creating a blog is a great way to do this.

However, plain text is no longer enough. It’s important to also include richer content like images and embedded videos. Think about using a service like People per Hour to hire freelancers to create content for you at a competitive rate if you’re short on time.

Utilise Google authorship

Google+ offers you the opportunity to declare ‘authorship’ on any blog posts that you publish. This then indicates high authority content and thus, can improve your rankings when used correctly.

Google+ is also a great platform for sharing your posts. Google indexes all links posted on its own social network, with hashtags working in the same way as metatags.

Follow these simple steps and your organic Google ranking will improve in no time at all! If you have any questions at all about how to improve SEO on any of your sites, please contact the partner team who will be happy to advise you.


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