Product update: Spotlight bar, Introductions on mobile and more

Here’s what our product team are working on at the moment…

Team Tron


Team Tron1. To begin design and development of a new ‘Spotlight Bar’ feature on desktop sites.

2. To lay the groundwork for adding the Introductions feature to mobile sites.

If you read our last blog post, you’ll recall that Tron are working on a brand new feature for the White Label Dating® application called the ‘Spotlight Bar’. The feature allows members to promote their profiles to other prospective daters by appearing on a special area at the top of the desktop application. We expect this to increase site engagement levels and improve our members’ chances of meeting that perfect someone. Tron is in the early stages of design and development for this exciting new feature.

Team Tron has also started the preliminary work to add the Introductions feature to the mobile application. The popular communications mechanism that highlights new members to other members has been available on desktop for some time, but isn’t currently available on mobile. By making this feature available on mobile too, we hope to see an engagement boost on both mobile and desktop sites.

Team Pi


Pi1. To create an interactive prototype of the new Profile Wizard.

2. To add the ability to edit custom site tracking code in the Site Creator tool.

In our last post, we mentioned that Team Pi were working on a prototype for a new profile wizard to help us enrich user experience for our members. The team has now progressed to working on interactive prototypes, as well as planning the implementation of the feature on desktop. We’re now another step closer to having this ready for testing on selected test sites and hope to have images of the prototype available for you to view soon.

As you already know, because the new wizard will not use headers and footers, Pi has added a field in step three of the site creator tool that allows partners to add custom site tracking code in its own field. You’ll see this next time you use the Site Creator tool.

Important: Partners who currently house tracking code in the header and footer will need to send details of the code they need to move to the Partner team as soon as possible. Tracking code placed in any other area of the site will not be affected by this change.

Team Bolt


team_bolt_logo1. To improve the first iteration of the Profile Q&A feature.

2. To continue work on ‘Ideal Match’.

In our last blog post, we told you that the first version of the Profile Q&A feature had been released and was being tested with promising results. Now, Bolt are planning to roll this feature out across the platform, as well as creating a login nag for desktop and a dashboard prompt on the mobile application. The nags and prompts will make users more aware of their incomplete profiles, with the aim of steering them towards high completion rates and increased levels of engagement.

The ‘Ideal Match’ feature, which aims to help users express who they’re looking for more easily, is making good progress. Team Bolt are continuing work on the design and front end development work.

Team Prime


Prime1. To complete moving all mainstream payments over to a new payment gateway.

As you know, all of our casual and alternative sites were migrated to a new payment gateway earlier this month. We are pleased to inform you that all mainstream initial payments are also successfully going through the new gateway.

Team Prime are now working on the final part of the transition by importing all existing transactions (including rebills) across to the new payment gateway too.

If you have any questions about the product updates covered in today’s newsletter, please get in touch with the partner team. We’ll be back in a couple of weeks to update you on our progress.

Alex and Ben, Project Managers at White Label Dating®

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