Product update: Profile Wizard, email pipeline and the profile experience

Short but sweet this week, here are the highlights of what our development team have been working on!

Team Pi


Pi1. To launch the Profile Wizard on desktop.

2. To continue work on the email rendering pipeline.

The first release of the Profile Wizard is fast approaching. Team Pi will be A/B testing this on a small selection of sites so that they can measure its performance before making any further decisions on whether to extend the test or roll it out across all sites.

This is a really exciting new feature that we hope will bring an enhanced user experience and higher engagement rates.

Team Pi are also close to finishing the first step of the email rendering pipeline. At this stage we’re testing the concept to ensure that the approach taken is robust enough to perform at the level we need it to and that it’s also scalable. This will be important as we continue to grow the variety of emails we send each day. This test will not affect our members but will provide us with insight into the next steps we need to take on the project. The end goal for this is to allow us to be far more flexible with the emails we send and for the system to become more robust and scalable as we continue to grow.

Team Bolt


team_bolt_logo1. To launch the first iteration of the new profile page designs.

Following the profile completion and engagement projects Bolt worked on recently, such as Profile Q&As and Looking For, the team have moved on to refreshing the overall profile design.

Team Bolt will work on this bit by bit, split testing the changes as they go to ensure that they are only ever focused on improving the overall user experience. The first iteration of this design focuses on the basic information of a user’s personal profile. This includes tidying up the name, age and location information and removing the mid page unit (MPU) banner to make better use of the space available.

Bolt have also started to develop the second iteration, which focuses on engaging with another user’s profile. More updates to follow.

That’s all from us for now. Check back in next time for the latest updates and enhancements.

Alex and Ben, ScrumMasters at White Label Dating®

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