Optimise your landing page ahead of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest holidays for the online dating industry. It’s important that you prepare all sites in your portfolio for the typical influx of traffic. Sarah blogged about how to optimise your advertising campaigns last week. Now, I’m going to take you through seasonal landing page optimisation.

Disregard any holiday, updating your landing page regularly is key to keeping your site looking fresh and maintaining a high search ranking. This is particularly applicable in line with certain holidays throughout the year. Why not think about using a temporary landing page, or just some temporary additions, to keep your site current and drawing user interest?

Around Valentine’s Day, a lot of singles will be looking for a date. By updating your landing page copy to be keyword rich and relevant, uploading new success stories and topical blogs, as well as running Valentine’s Day related social media campaigns, you’ll become more visible to potential members. This will also mean that visitors to your site are more engaged, thus increasing their propensity to upgrade.

You should begin to incorporate seasonal elements into your landing page, if you haven’t already, to maximise conversions. Use terms like, ‘find a date for Valentine’s Day’ and ‘celebrate being single this Valentine’s Day’ to plant interest. Make sure that your social media pages have been updated to coincide with this too.

Bear in mind that if you have seasonal Google Adwords campaigns running, as well as improving your organic ranking, these updates will also help your ads perform better. You can expect to receive a higher volume of impressions due to the keyword relevancy of the landing page.

With these elements in place, you have a great chance of success over the Valentine’s Day period. If you have any questions about how to best optimise your landing page, get in touch with the Partner team.

Richard Beaumont, Partner Manager at White Label Dating®

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